REVIEW: Facebook comic-strip app Bitstrips leaves users scratching their heads


I was puzzled the first time my eyes fell on a cartoon post in my Facebook news feed. What was this cryptic message that featured an image vaguely resembling my friends in comic-strip form? I had encountered the Bitstrip for the first time, and I was confused.

What, you ask, is a Bitstrip ? Think of it as the new Facebook phenomena a la FarmVille or Mafia Wars. It’s an app that allows you to create and share comics starring you and your friends. The app also claims you can put yourself and your friends in “hilarious comics where anything can happen,” but truthfully, I’ve yet to see a really hilarious Bitstrip. Perhaps it takes a more sharply tuned sense of humor than my friends and I possess.

I can’t tell if Bitstrips are illustrated examples of what’s actually happening in real life, or if they’re imagined illustrations of grandeur that detail the innermost workings of my friends’ imaginations. Regardless, I feel like they’re public postings of inside jokes between people, and I hate inside jokes of which I’m not a part.

The frequency with which Bitstrips have penetrated Facebook users’ feeds ramped up this week, as more and more people began to wonder what all the hype was about. Some simply researched ways to hide Bitstrips from their feeds, while other took to Twitter to release their Bitstrip animosity:






While the majority of the Internet appears to be anti-Bitstrip, there still remains a loyal band of followers: 


If you can’t stand seeing these posts on Facebook anymore, BuzzFeed shared tips on how to block them from your news feed.

So, thumbs up for Bitstrips or "OMG! Get it off my profile!" Pick a side, and share your thoughts with me on Twitter @jennyfromthebak .


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