A #CincyChili food fight, funky Halloween tunes and iPhone fails in this week's digital review

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati is known for a lot of things: our ice cream; our sports teams; our arts and entertainment. How about the Lachey brothers? Our mayor's Opening Day pitch fail?

Above all, there is our chili. And you don't mess with the best. Dive headfirst into the chili bowl (or not) as we take a tour de food fights and more in this week's digital review.

Chili War. Hell hath no fury like a Cincinnati chili fan insulted. A Deadspin article this week rated state specialty dishes: coming in hot at number one was the Chicago deep dish pizza. And the caboose at the end of author Albert Burneko’s list, right after “being hit by a car” (yeah, he went there) was our beloved Cincinnati chili.

Affectionately referring to our local cuisine as “diarrhea sludge,” Burneko’s aggression would not stand, man. WCPO web editor Alyssa Dailey published a rebuttal column on behalf of Cincinnati chili lovers, and what happened next was pure viral gold. The story took off like hot sauce around the Tri-State, worthy of Twitter responses from local and state politicians AND Burneko himself! Search #cincychili on Twitter to follow the Great Chili War of 2013.

Chinese food gets a soundtrack. Is this the new "worst song ever made?" The answer is probably yes. Never before has a musical compilation made me both detest and desire Chinese food at the same time. Never before has a musical compilation made me wish we were still talking about Rebecca Black's "Friday" theme. But Ark Music Factory is at it again, making "Friday" look like a sophomore slump album with Alison Gold's "Chinese Food" video.

They can't be serious anymore, can they?

#iPhoneProblems. It wouldn't be a digital recap if we didn't have juicy Apple stories to share! This week, WCPO consumer reporter John Matarese  waded into iOS7 users' persistent complaints about their software post-upgrade. Experiencing some hassles with your new operating system? You're definitely not alone!

#YourLifeYourChoice. Can a hashtag keep kids off drugs? That's what the Coalition for a Drug Free Greater Cincinnati is hoping. WCPO community manager Libby Cunningham looked into the new social media campaign  that encourages teens to tweet and repost inspirational messages to help keep their friends drug-free. Read her story to find out which local schools are taking part!

Spooktacular sounds for Halloween. If you haven't noticed, we love making and sharing Spotify playlists. Give me a holiday or big event and I'll give you a musical mix to set the tone for you. This week, falling temperatures and trees bursting with an array of colors got me excited for Halloween. Enjoy this playlist full of classic favorites like "Thriller," "Monster Mash," and "Ghostbusters" while sampling genres with artists ranging from Rob Zombie to Tegan and Sara to Frank Sinatra to Neil Diamond to Lady Gaga. Give it a listen !

Want to sound off on anything you read in this week's review? I'd love to hear from you! Connect with me on Twitter @jennyfromthebak and let's chat.

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