8 tips to help you get through allergy season from 9 On Your Side Facebook fans

CINCINNATI - It's that time of the year when allergies are back for many Tri-Staters. We asked our 9 On Your Side Facebook fans to share some pointers on how they survive the seasonal sniffles. Here’s what they told us works for them.

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  1. Check pollen counts before you leave the house.
    The Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency has pollen counts for every weekday on their website.
  2. Tea with honey and lemon.
    Or keeping a basket of citrus fruits around. Facebook fan Franklin DeWar works as a voiceover artist and keeps these around while at work.
  3. Go to an allergist.
    Bill Gantzer told us his doctor found he was allergic to 60 out of 100 possible allergens and put him on a treatment plan. This year he's not sensitive to any of them.

  4. Locally made honey.
    Sandie Henley Parsons said that local,unpasteurized honey helps. She also suggested nasal irrigation to help clear the sinuses.

  5. Eucalyptus Oil.
    Angela Loeckel recommends mixing eucalyptus oil with petroleum jelly and putting it on the soles of your feet with socks. 

  6. Gargle with warm salt water.
    Patty Lake Flinchpaugh told us it has worked for her.

  7. Change your furnace's air filter.
    Linda Muncy told us she does this once a  month to stop allergens from spreading.

  8. Move south. 
    Richard Quinlan says it's an easy way to solve to problem.

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