8 things to do the second it warms up in the Tri-State: You told us!

CINCINNATI - So it's finally time for the deep freeze to leave the Tri-State. This means things will stop looking like this:

Not to mention this:

And we’ll stop showing you pictures like this:

In fact, spring-like temperatures sound so great we asked our Facebook fans: What are your plans for the moment it turns a balmy 40 degrees in the Tri-State?

  1. Change your wardrobe.
    Because let's face it: Everyone's sick of seeing the same jackets, snow boots and scarves you've been wearing constantly (and possibly indoors) for the past three months.
  2. Let fresh air in.
    Opening the windows will be a luxury for a number of reasons. First off, if you park outside chances are your car windows haven't gone down in a few months. Plus, with all of the money spent on heat this year, you probably can't afford to use more electricity.
  3. Explore in your own backyard.
    Loveland loves the bike trail, and there's tons to do now that staying inside isn't the only option.
  4. Spend time outside.
    Doing whatever makes you happy. In appropriate attire.
  5. Go back to the land.
    Time to say goodbye to all your winter veggies from the grocery and hello to things you can pick in your own yard.
  6. And while you're out there planting...
    ...you might as well look for things you lost in the snow. Like your furniture.
  7. Or you could just complain like you have all winter.
    Just about something else.
  8. Or use this time to leave the Tri-State.
    ...because you need a vacation anyway.

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