8 Easter candies we'd love to eat year-round

CINCINNATI - We asked our 9 On Your Side Facebook fans what Easter candies they wish they could eat all year long. Here's what they said! MORE

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  1. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.
    Classic. Because there's more peanut better.
  2. Sweet Tarts chicks, ducks and bunnies.
    Easter-shaped Sweet Tarts might just be greater than regular-shaped ones.
  3. Papas (everything)
    Because they're made in Covington. And they're delicious.
  4. Marshmallow Peeps.
    Sure, they're around all year, but this is the time they shine. 
  5. Jelly beans
    Only 100 calories for 25 beans!
  6. Easter Whoppers
    Malted milk treats in the shape of eggs? Yes, please!
  7. Cadbury Creme Eggs
    Find a a quiet corner, turn off your phone, and indulge.
  8. Basically any other kind of chocolate egg.
    Graeter's Toasted Coconut eggs, Snickers Eggs, maple cream eggs...

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