Walmart Black Friday 2012 ad, deals: Best deals on Apple (AAPL) iPad 2, LCD HDTVs and HD laptops

It's an old tradition, Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving. Many folks go out on the streets to hunt down the best prices of the year on the most popular products.

So many deals, but which ones are the best?

Here's some info to help navigate through this coming Black Friday and get the best bang for your buck.

It's enough to leave your head spinning: Retailers fighting for your Black Friday money and they're changing how the game is played.

Walmart is opening up at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night, and they are the only ones offering guarantees on some doorbusters.

Edgar Dworsky a consumer advocacy expert and the founder of said he likes Walmart's plan. "That is nice because unfortunately most stores' door busters in any store are limited quantities. Almost no one gives rain checks, almost nobody price matches on Black Friday."

Here's how it works: If you're inside Walmart on Thanksgiving night between 10 and 11 p.m., you are guaranteed an Apple iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi for $399 with a $75 Walmart gift card, Emerson 32" 720p LCD TV for $148 and a LG Blu-ray player for $38. If they sell out during that hour, you will get a guarantee card for any of those three items, but you must pay for them by midnight, and you can only get one of each item.

What are the hottest doorbuster deals you should be getting on Black Friday? Well not all of them are at retail stores.

Brad Wilson from said without a doubt the $97, 32" Haier flat screen TV is on the list from . But here's the catch, we don't know exactly when is going to sell it for $97, all we know is it's sometime this week.

Another hot deal is at Best Buy, which opens at midnight Black Friday. They have a Lenovo Windows 8 laptop for $187.99. It's a great deal if you can get your hands on those limited quantities.

Dworsky added, "Walmart seems like they are back in the game, they have a 60" TV set for $688."

He is right, the next best price was for $978 online plus you have to pay shipping cost too.

Retail stores are selling these items below cost. Those deals are called "loss leaders" and they are meant to get you in the store to spend more, so Black Friday is no longer a day, but a week instead.

Dworsky shared his thoughts about this year's Black Friday: "Even I am overwhelmed by the number of items on sale, the number of sellers with specials and additional coupons and rebates and everything. It is almost impossible to keep track."

There are so many, many more deals to be had during the holiday season.

Don't forget after Black Friday, there is Small Business Saturday and also Cyber Monday.

Whether you shop online or at the retail stores, all of them are getting very aggressive to get you to spend. So protect yourself by knowing exactly what you want and doing the research to make sure that so-called Black Friday deal is truly a deal.

Utilize technology to help you save. Use price checking sites or apps and also price history sites can help too.

Also, don't forget to check out those Black Friday leaked ad websites and read their blogs to see what folks are saying about stores' Black Friday deals. Below are links to some great resources to help you do your own research and decide what deal may be worth your time.

**As retailers are getting closer to Black Friday things may change. Amazon just recently started releasing a calendar of when certain Black Friday deals will go on sale. Check back on their site to see the calendar. As of Sunday, Nov. 18, they have only released video games, movies and music. Click on Amazon to see the calendars.

Here are some great Price Checking sites and also go to your Smartphone apps to find an app version of it:

Pricechecker from

For a price history checking site, a good one is also known as .

Don't forget coupon codes. or are a must for online shopping to help you find coupon codes. Don't buy anything online without checking these sites.

Here are some Black Friday leaked ads to help in your research.

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