Try It Out Tuesday: Orgreenic Non-Stick Ceramic Pan

There's no need for butter, oil or grease the next time you want to grab your skillet.

That's the claim of the Orgreenic Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan .

It promises to cook even the stickiest of foods in its green ceramic pan, saving you time and calories.

We put it to the test for Try It Out Tuesday.

The pan's directions tell you to "season" the pan once or twice a year with non-stick cooking spray. You spray it, heat it, wait until it smokes, then remove it from the heat.

Once it's cool, you clean it and the Orgreenic pan is ready to use without any cooking oils.

We tried a fried egg and ground sausage, and both cooked up nicely without sticking.

Our tester approves, and says the best part was the easy clean up.

You can buy the Orgreenic pan for about $20 in stores nationwide or online.

As always, this is an unscientific test with unscientific results.

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