UC Health: Increase for Anthem members would be less than $1

Negotiations continue

CINCINNATI - UC Health and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield will resume their negotiations Thursday afternoon, and a UC Health spokesperson gave WCPO Digital new information about what the provider has requested.

"What we're asking for on the physician side amounts to less than $1 per Anthem member in the Tri-State," said Diana Maria Lara, UC Health spokesperson.

Anthem has about half a million members in Greater Cincinnati, the insurer has said.

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The two sides have been working to hammer out a new contract. UC Health issued a statement last week saying that Anthem and the provider had worked out a deal for hospital services. The two sides continue to work toward an agreement for a reimbursement increase for UC Health physicians.

An Anthem spokeswoman has said the company would provide no further comment until there is a change in the status of the negotiations.

WCPO Digital will update this story as more information becomes available.

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