Toyota relocation: About 600 contract jobs in jeopardy by 2017

Brings regional jobs impact to more than 2,100

ERLANGER, Ky. - Toyota’s relocation of its North American headquarters to Texas will impact more than its 1,600 direct employees in Erlanger.

The company confirmed Monday that 600 contract employees will no longer be needed in Erlanger, when the company vacates the facility by 2017. According to Toyota spokesman Mike Goss, the so-called 1099 employees include:

  • About 300 contracted technicians supporting Toyota’s Production Engineering group, which is moving to the Georgetown plant. Too early to say but those contractors most likely would go to Georgetown.
  • About 150 Information Systems (computer network) contractors but it’s too early to say how they will be handled by their employers.  For example, if we keep a contract with them when we move to Texas I guess they could move those people.
  • Nearly 100 temporary administrative staff, who will later be reassigned to the temp agency or they can apply for open Toyota positions.
  •  About 50 vendors on site who provide food service, security, and a few other services. 

According to Northern Kentucky’s lead economic development agent, the Tri-County Economic Development Corp., the impact on temporary employees is one of many ripple effects that it hopes to address with Toyota in the weeks and months ahead.

“We knew there were some” contract employees, said Tri-ED CEO Dan Tobergte. “We hadn’t heard that number. That’s on our list of items to discuss.”

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