Stone Brewing nears decision on East Coast brewery project; is Cincinnati still an option?

Craft brewer promises decision in 30-90 days

CINCINNATI - Stone Brewing Co. is within a few months of announcing a location for its East Coast brewery project, but it’s no longer confirming that Cincinnati is in the running for the $31 million development.

“We aren’t disclosing any information on the sites we are still considering,” said spokeswoman Sabrina LoPiccolo. “We will be making a decision as soon as 30 to 60 days, 90 days at most.”

The popular San Diego craft brewery published a request for proposals (RFP) this year, inviting developers all over the country to offer sites for a brewery that would employ 374 people within five years and operate as a tourist attraction with a restaurant and brewery tours attracting craft beer enthusiasts.

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