Staying Power: How sweet can you get? High school sweethearts keep family candy store going in 2014

BELLEVUE, Ky. - What does it take for a family business to survive and thrive for 25 years or more? Our new Monday feature shares the secrets to success of local businesses with staying power.

Schneider's Sweet Shop is a pretty sweet destination for anyone in the Tri-State with a sweet tooth.

Even better, this family business has a sweetheart story about how it's kept Tri-State taste buds happy throughout its history.

Q&A with Jack Schneider

1.Who are your customers?

Our customers are anyone who loves great homemade sweets. We cater to all ages!! Many have made Schneider's Sweet Shop their family tradition. We often hear how many return and bring in their children and grandchildren to also enjoy these homemade treats. Customers have delighted in our homemade delectables for 75 years. Although some things may have changed over the years, the confectionery is still the same mom and pop place people have come to love.

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