Macy's Inc. (M): New "image search" app lets your camera phone do the shopping

Innovation may be first of its kind

CINCINNATI - You’ve heard of facial recognition software, but fashion recognition? That’s available in the new “image search” app at Macys Inc.

Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren told Wall Street analysts Wednesday morning that the company recently launched an app that lets consumers take a picture of an outfit or fashion accessory. The app sends back similar items available for sale at

“We are constantly testing, constantly trying new ideas,” said Lundgren, in his New York appearance at the Goldman Sachs Global Retailing Conference. “We have experiments going on right now in several of our locations, trying to capture the imagination of consumers with new technologies to see if that’s going to actually drive sales. If there’s something that grabs ahold we will definitely move on it and expand it.”

Macy’s is “one of the first if not the first” to combine image recognition with search results in a mobile app, said Michael Stich, chief innovation officer at Rockfish Interactive, a digital marketing agency.

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