Lonely at the top: Why women still lack company at top of Cincinnati area corporate pay charts

Women are 20% of management, 9% of top earners

A WCPO analysis finds pay gaps persist among top-ranking executives at Cincinnati's 33 public companies.

Women represent more than 20 percent of senior managment teams, but only 9 percent of the top earners at the companies where they work.

Other findings include:

• Combined, the 15 women make, on average, about $991,000 less than their male counterparts.

• The larger the corporation, the larger the average compensation gap. For companies with less than $300 million in market capitalization, the gap is about $67,000. But for companies with $10 billion or more in market capitalization, the gap is about $2.2 million

• The gap varies by position. For CFOs, it’s $729,000. For the two women serving as general counsel, the pay gap is $548,000. And Convergys Corp. pays CEO Andrea Ayers $287,000 less than the $3.4 million average for other Tri-State CEOs.

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