Local startup Impulcity launches new app, raises $400,000 and scouts for new headquarters location

Local startup Impulcity showing signs of growth

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati startup Impulcity is seeing positive results from a new design of its social-networking app, launched on iTunes this week.

"At one point, we were getting a new user roughly every minute," said Hunter Hammonds, co-founder of the Louisville-born company that relocated to Cincinnati last year.  He declined to reveal how many users have downloaded the app, but said 2,000 people signed up to be notified of its availability prior to launch.

"Overall feedback is really solid," Hammonds said. "People like it. But there are still a lot of improvements to be made."

Impulcity is an iPhone app that filters through upcoming concerts and entertainment events to find things for users to do. It also lets users share pictures and video or invite friends to join them in person or virtually.

Already, the launch has gotten some positive press in Louisville, where this report presents Hammonds and co-founder Austin Cameron as a tech success stories that got away.

Here in Cincinnati, Impulcity has raised $400,000 since last October, when it graduated from the Brandery, an Over-the-Rhine startup accelerator. Among its investors is CincyTech, a seed-stage investor affiliated with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and Ohio's Third Frontier initiative.

CincyTech invested $50,000 in Impulcity and has "more in process," said Justin Thompson, senior analyst. "They've gotten to the point where they want to put product in people's hands and they want to get feedback. That's a very good sign."

Another good sign is that the four-employee company is looking to hire a designer and an Android developer. It's  searching for an office location of up to 1,500 square feet where it can focus on product development without distractions.

When the new company will start generating revenue is "a tricky question," Hammonds said. The app is free, but includes a function that will eventually let users buy tickets from venues and promoters who share revenue with Impulcity.

"We want to make sure the product is better than anything else out there. After we build the product and users are happy, we'll focus on generating revenue," he explained.

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