Kroger Co. (KR) receives Energy Star designation on 500th store

Six local stores onEPA list

The Kroger Co. announced an energy-efficiency milestone Thursday when a Fry's Marketplace store in Phoenix became its 500th location to receive an Energy Star designation from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.

The designation means the store ranks in the top 25 percent of commercial buildings nationwide for energy efficiency and performance. Kroger employs a variety of techniques to control energy costs, including LED lighting, skylights and control systems. The company claims to have reduced its average grocery store electricity usage by over 34.3 percent since the year 2000, saving enough electricity to power every single-family home in Charlotte, NC for one year. 

"This accomplishment is very exciting for our company and our associates, because it demonstrates our commitment to energy reduction," said Keith Oliver, Kroger's vice president of facility engineering.

An EPA official called Kroger "a shining example" in a company press release.

Insiders can see the six local Kroger stores that received the rating. 


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