Hot Jobs: What career tracks give you the best chance of long-term employment?

The answers may surprise you

CINCINNATI - Jose Zamora occupies a sweet spot in the Cincinnati labor market. He has skills in advanced manufacturing that are both highly coveted and in short supply. Zamora, 26, is a field service engineer for the Mason-based machine tool company, Makino.

“It’s definitely comforting knowing that your field is in demand,” he said. “There is plenty to do.”

Zamora is a former helicopter mechanic for the U.S. Army who joined Makino in 2012 after two tours overseas. His military training left him well-equipped to be an industrial machine mechanic, which Makino can’t hire fast enough.

“On the machinist side, we actively recruit folks out of the military,” said Mark Rentschler, marketing manager for the company. “They come out of the service with a high degree of skill and they have excellent organizational skills and excellent discipline.”

WCPO went in search of hot jobs, professions where the demand for labor far outstrips the supply. The University of Cincinnati’s Economics Center provided a list of nine jobs with the biggest gaps between supply and demand. Zomora’s profession, industrial machinery mechanic, is projected to have more than 529 annual openings in Ohio between now and 2020. That’s about 12 times more than the local educational pipeline turned out in this field in 2013, making it the hottest job in town.

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