Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati jackpot leads to false imprisonment, federal lawsuit alleges

Centerville man sues over casino security incident

CINCINNATI - A Centerville man who won a $2,000 jackpot at Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati last year is now suing the casino for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution after being detained on his way out the door.

Mark DiSalvo’s law firm has posted video of the March 11, 2013 incident on You Tube.

In an amended complaint, filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati, DiSalvo alleges he was improperly detained when he tried to leave the downtown Cincinnati casino. He also claims three Horseshoe employees later testified falsely about the incident in Hamilton County Municipal Court. The complaint was originally filed in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court in March, naming three Cincinnati Police officers as defendants.

Those defendants were removed recently when the city settled the complaint for $4,250.

"It was a nuisance settlement to avoid the cost of litigation," said Interim City Solicitor Terry Nestor. Horseshoe Casino declined to comment for this story.

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