Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati: GM says commitment to diverse suppliers remains as strong as ever

Kline: Goal to increase impact even more

When Empire Corporate Transportation won a contract to provide hotel shuttle service and house cars for Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, the casino instantly became the company’s biggest customer.

Over the past year, the contract has only gotten bigger, said Mike McKinney, operations manager for Empire. The Fairfield-based business is owned by a woman who also is a veteran.

Empire hired 25 more full-time drivers to service the initial contract and will be hiring more in the next few weeks, McKinney said.

“They’ve extended across to some Northern Kentucky hotels now, and we’re cutting down on the time the guests spend on the bus,” he said. “We’re doing 45-minute rides now. That will cut down to 20 minutes.”

Contracting with businesses owed by women and minorities was a goal for the casino’s owners long before the facility opened its doors last March 4. Now, a year later, General Manager Kevin Kline said that commitment remains as strong as ever.

WCPO Insiders can read more comments from Kline and see what other local businesses owned by women and minorities have won contracts with the casino and what those contracts have meant for some of them.

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