Frontier Airlines is due to fly into CVG but will it leave just as quickly?

Low-cost airline pulls out of several cities

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati area will soon be getting a new, low-cost flight provider in the form of Frontier Airlines; but the carrier's recent practices don't project an air of longevity.

While CVG gears up for service from Frontier on May 17, the airline cut service to Colorado Springs, according to USA Today .

The report states that decision mirrors other choices Frontier made in similar markets as it battles the competition.

USA Today reported that Frontier dropped Dayton for Cincinnati and Akron for Cleveland.

The airline dropped some cities altogether such as Louisville, Sacramento and Provo, Utah.

According to an Associated Press report, the airline was bought by Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. in 2009 after it was reorganized during bankruptcy proceedings.

The company's executives said they're trying to make the airline more competitive against other low-cost rivals.

Despite those concerns, CVG spokesman Jay Brock said the airport expects Frontier to be around for a long time.

Brock said Frontier's decision could mean more customers for CVG coming from Dayton, as there is a lot of traffic traded between the two airports.

The entry of Frontier into the local market doesn't mean that CVG isn't still shopping around. Brock said CVG is still talking with several other carriers and that as the economy improves more carriers are looking at the Cincinnati area with confidence.

Brock said the economic impact of the CVG to Denver service is projected to be $16 million per year.

Meanwhile, Republic is still trying to sell Frontier as it struggles to find long-lasting routes and hubs for the airline.

In February, Frontier announced that its flights and schedules would no longer be available on the discount travel site Expedia. Those flights would still be available on other travel websites.

The original USA Today report is available here

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