From bikes back in the day to locks & security in 2014, Norwood family business has staying power

NORWOOD, Ohio - What does it take for a family business to survive and thrive for 25 years or more? Our weekly  feature shares the secrets to success of local businesses with staying power.

In the early days, A.B. Bonded Locksmiths focused on selling bicycles and lawn mowers. As the company grew and security became more of a concern for its customers, the company developed into a full-service locksmith, safe and security company.

Meet the Boss: Russ McGurrin

Grandson of Founder Joseph Schmidt, McGurrin serves as the Operations Manager for the company and is now the third generation to operate the family business. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, he holds a degree in computer programming from the University of Cincinnati and has worked at AB Bonded since 1985 (managing the day-to-day operations since 1996). McGurrin hopes to eventually pass the business along the family's fourth generation.

Q & A with Russ McGurrin

1. Who are your customers?

Our customers are anyone who needs professional security services, really. Naturally, after 81 years in business, we've compiled a large list of personal, professional and business clientele.

We service everyone from the one-time person who may have locked themselves out of their car or home, to large corporations such as UDF, Wal-Mart, Speedway, Walgreens and Coca Cola.

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