Entrepreneur has built her business one move at a time

Queen City Transitions looking to hire

COVINGTON, Ky. – For Betsy Goldfarb, every detail matters.

Goldfarb’s Queen City Transitions specializes in moving senior citizens from the family homes where they’ve lived for decades to new, smaller apartments in retirement communities or assisted living facilities.

“My number one goal in moving somebody is that the day they move is the day they’re home,” Goldfarb said. “If we’ve done our job, then they’re going to feel at home soon.”

That requires taking photos of how figurines are arranged in china cabinets and where pictures hang on walls so Goldfarb and her staff can ensure everything is in its proper place after the move. They even make sure clients have freshly laundered sheets on their beds and clean towels hanging in their bathrooms the day they move in to their new homes.

“One woman was sitting at her dining room table in her new place writing her check. She looked up at her china cabinet and said, ‘I still don’t get how you picked that up with everything in it and moved it,’” Goldfarb said with a smile. “I loved that. She felt at home because it looked exactly the same.”

Insiders can read how Goldfarb started her business and her hopes for the future.

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