COLUMN: Procter & Gamble's McDonald will bring P&G management style to the VA

He'll sharpen the focus on the customer - veterans

If Bob McDonald is confirmed to lead the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and indications are he will be, he'll be the latest P&G chief executive called on to turn around a sprawling organization that lost its way.
     McDonald answered questions from U.S. senators Tuesday as the Senate’s Veterans Affairs Committee weighed in on President Obama’s surprise appointment of the former P&G CEO to lead the scandalized agency.
     The senators wanted to know how McDonald might deal with the VA’s patient-care backlog, with its shortage of doctors and nurses and with the inevitable budget battles that lie ahead.
     Like a P&G marketer, McDonald stayed focused on the VA's customers -- veterans. "It's all about the mission, which is care for the veterans," he said.

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