Cincinnati Bell: Some wireless employees may lose jobs in sale to Verizon

Company will try to place them in other products

CINCINNATI – Some Cincinnati Bell wireless employees may lose their jobs in the wireless sale to Verizon, but the company will do its best to place all of them in other products or positions, a company executive said Monday.

There are 175 wireless workers among the 3,000 Cincinnati Bell employees in Greater Cincinnati. One-third are field technicians, and the rest work in retail stores.

"We're going to seek to retrain and redeploy all of our employees," said Mike Vanderloude, Bell's wireless vice-president.

"There may be some jobs impacted.  We don't know the exact number, but we're going to make it as small as possible."

There are a variety of job possibilities, depending on the employee, Vanderloude said.

"There are roles in product.  There are roles in marketing.  There are roles in network.  It's an individual case basis to find the right role for the person."

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