Bob McDonald: Those who worked with former P&G leader describe his leadership style

McDonald: Disciplined, values-driven, approachable

CINCINNATI - Those who’ve worked with former Procter & Gamble Co. CEO Bob McDonald describe him as a disciplined, values-driven leader who can manage complex systems adroitly and is always connected.

“I never sent him a recommendation or an email until I was ready to get an answer from him,” said Jeff Weedman, former vice president of global business development at Procter & Gamble Co. “Because I knew wherever he was in the world it seemed like he’d get back to you in about 15 minutes.”

That didn’t change when McDonald left P&G.

Chip Gerhardt worked with McDonald on the Cultural Facilities Task Force, which is asking Hamilton County to place a sales-tax increase on the November ballot to support renovation projects at Union Terminal and Music Hall.

“It’s amazing how quickly he responds in a substantive way to whatever is asked of him,” said Gerhardt, president and founder of downtown–based Government Strategies Group LLC. “I was told that’s the way he was but I can tell you it is in fact the way he is. Often, he’s not in this time zone, not even in this hemisphere and you still get responded to.”

Those are just a few of the leadership traits that await the Department of Veterans Affairs, now that President Barack Obama has decided to nominate the former P&G leader to run the troubled health care system.

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