9 Q&A: Waterfields aims to grow Lower East Price Hill with mighty micro greens & hydroponic systems

CINCINNATI - There's a good reason the Tri-State has a reputation for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship: Resources, support and a culture of innovation around creativity and branding.

Each week WCPO contributor Feoshia Davis introduces a company that lives up to the Tri-State's entrepreneurial spirit.

Some of Cincinnati's finest restaurants rely on Waterfields for the micro greens adorning their culinary creations. With every bite, diners help promote economic development in Cincinnati neighborhood.

The Lower West Price Hill social enterprise startup, will soon start hiring neighborhood workers to help grow the hydroponic greens. The organization plans to grow not only healthy foods, but job prospects for local lower-skilled workers.

9 Questions for Daniel Klemens, Chief Marketing Officer of Waterfields

1. How did Waterfields get started?

Waterfields officially launched in November 2013, but there was a ton of planning that went into it. We met at Xavier University with Joe Carter in the Sedler Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation for months and months, working on everything from business modeling to identifying value drivers for potential customers. We definitely abused their available white board space. Eventually we hit a tipping point of execution and actually doing more than talking. We found our current warehouse space and rolled up our sleeves.

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