9 Q&A: Skinny Mom CEO shares 'the skinny' on popular lifestyle brand for health, fitness-minded moms

CINCINNATI - Brooke Griffin created Skinny Mom out of a typical frustration for new mothers: lack of resources to help her lose weight and stay healthy after having a baby.

CincyTech recently invested $250,000 in Skinny Mom, which will help the site as it grows its content and e-commerce offerings.

The fast-growing, 2-year-old website focuses on healthy living for mom and family. With more than 1 million unique visitors each month, Skinny Mom is a hit with women seeking tips on food, fashion and exercise.

9 Questions for Skinny Mom founder and CEO Brooke Griffin

1. Why did you create Skinny Mom?

I created Skinny Mom out of a real problem. I had just given birth to my first child and I found myself in unfamiliar territory: motherhood. I had also gained more than 60 pounds and wanted to lose the baby weight and start cooking healthy for myself and for my family.

I went to the Internet and started searching for healthy living communities for moms and I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of information that I found. Yet none of it specifically focused on healthy living for moms. I decided that I could not be the only other mom looking for this information and type of community, so I founded Skinny Mom in 2011.

2. What are the main features of Skinny Mom?

Skinny Mom is the digital lifestyle brand that gives moms the "skinny" on healthy living. Skinny Mom has an online website, mobile application, email newsletter, and social community for moms looking to connect and find resources on healthy living.

3. Did you envision it as a business when you started it?

I envisioned that it would always be a resource or destination for moms to enjoy; however, I don't think I saw it turning into the lifestyle brand that it has quickly become. I also could not have imagined that it would scale and become a business so quickly.

4. There are lots of "mommy bloggers" out there, what do you think contributes to Skinny Mom's popularity?

Skinny Mom's popularity is based on the quality of content that we share and specifically the workouts and recipes that we have on the website. Also one of the biggest differences of Skinny Mom compared to a mommy blog is that we have more than 45 contributors to the website and other mommy bloggers who write for Skinny Mom. We are really trying to position the brand as not being a mommy blog at all and rather have people see it as a lifestyle brand more similar to a media company or online publication.

5. How many readers/viewers do you have?

We currently reach more than 1 million unique visitors a month, have a social media following of around 350K, and an email subscriber list of 100K.

6. How does the site earn money? Do you have sponsorships?

Skinny Mom earns money through advertising and commerce. We do have sponsorships throughout the year, and are looking to bring on additional sponsors in the New Year.

7. What role does social media (Facebook, Pinterest etc.) play in growing your readership?

Social media is huge for the brand. Statistics have shown that moms love social media, and they love to share. This has played in our favor. The recent explosion of Pinterest really helped put our brand out there as we have 250K on Pinterest alone. To date, we haven't spent any money on customer acquisition and rather have marketed exclusively through social media.

8. What are the site's most popular features?

The site's most popular features include our "skinny" recipes and the Supper Club. The Supper Club is a free service that plans out an entire month's dinner menu for our moms and provides them with detailed grocery shopping lists and nutrition info.

We really want to help mom's put a healthy meal on the table for themselves and their families and in doing so bring back the quality time shared over a meal. The website is also popular for the workouts that we share with our readers.

9. What's next for Skinny Mom? Anything new?

In the New Year, Skinny Mom is making a big push into commerce and we are putting a lot of time and work into this area, as well as video production. We also plan to increase our in-house editorial and continue growing through social media. We currently operate with 10 full-time employees and as we look to scale the brand we will be adding additional employees to the team as well. 

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