9 Q&A: Made in the USA, custom apparel for men is in the jeans for Cincinnati's Noble Denim

CINCINNATI - There's a good reason the Tri-State has a reputation for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship: Resources, support and a culture of innovation around creativity and branding.

Each Monday WCPO contributor Feoshia Davis introduces a company that lives up to the Tri-State's entrepreneurial spirit.

When it comes to jeans, many guys may think it's a matter of the more the merrier. Now Cincinnati's Noble Denim is betting men will take the "less is more" approach: opting for a few pairs of custom-made jeans, for a price.

Noble Denim husband-and-wife operators Chris and Abby Sutton say their jeans are created for the discerning male consumer who cares as much about quality, sourcing and durability as fashion.

9 Questions for Noble Denim co-founders Chris and Abby Sutton.

1. Why did you start Noble Denim?

Chris: Noble Denim started as a hobby for me. I was working as an Experience Producer, which was a creative job but didn’t involve me doing any hands-on work. I became unsatisfied with how disconnected my work’s creativity was from actually creating a tangible item. I really admired individuals who could make things with their hands. 

So, one night on the drive home from a friend’s wedding, I decided to give sewing jeans a try. I hadn’t sewn anything before, and didn’t expect to be good at it. But within a month of my first stitch I’d made my first pair of jeans, and I found myself obsessed with sewing. Within eight months I’d left my desk job to start Noble.

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