9 Q&A: Giveunity Cincinnati is first of its kind app, puts charitible giving at donors' fingertips

CINCINNATI - There's a good reason the Tri-State has a reputation for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship: Resources, support and a culture of innovation around creativity and branding.

Each Monday WCPO contributor Feoshia Davis introduces a company that lives up to the Tri-State's entrepreneurial spirit.

Can an app make giving to charity easier and even more appealing? The Cincinnati develops of GiveUnity hope so, and also aim to introduce potential donors to nonprofits they may not even know about.

9 Questions for GiveUnity co-founder Daniel Graff

1. How did you come up with the idea for Giveunity Cincinnati?

Giveunity was conceived after a failed attempt at trying to find and give to a local homeless shelter by our co-founder, Carmin Moutinho. After spending close to an hour doing research to find a shelter to donate to, the donation process itself was such a barrier that he never ended up making the donation.

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