9 Q&A: Giveunity Cincinnati is first of its kind app, puts charitible giving at donors' fingertips

CINCINNATI - The tech team behind Giveunity Cincinnati has launched a free, real-time mobile giving app to boost local nonprofit fundraising efforts.

The Giveunity Cincinnati app eliminates the gap between donor intention and action, aiming to better connect donors and nonprofits.

Cincinnati is birthplace of the inaugural app, with plans for apps soon in Indianapolis, Louisville and Columbus.

9 Questions for Giveunity co-founder Daniel Graff

1. How did you come up with the idea for Giveunity Cincinnati?

Giveunity was conceived after a failed attempt at trying to find and give to a local homeless shelter by our co-founder, Carmin Moutinho. After spending close to an hour doing research to find a shelter to donate to, the donation process itself was such a barrier that he never ended up making the donation.

So we thought, "How can we make giving simpler, faster, more immediate?” What’s more immediate than the phone in your pocket, and an app that connects you to the nonprofit organizations you want to support? That’s where Giveunity – the mobile app – comes in. We work with nonprofits right here in our Greater Cincinnati communities to help them connect with donors.

2. What is Giveunity's ultimate goal?

Giveunity’s mission is to foster a giving community of people who are enabled to make a difference right here, right now, where we live, where it counts most. A giving community helps us all: those in need, the organizations who work hard to care for our neighbors, and those who want to make our neighborhoods and families stronger. Our goal is to empower local nonprofits, to educate potential donors and to streamline the donation process.

3, How is the Giveunity app different from/better than other mobile donation options?

The Giveunity app is a first of its kind, and eliminates one of the greatest challenges of nonprofit fundraising: the time lapse between giver intent and confirmed donation by capturing donors in the moment. Giveunity is locally-focused, and the fastest donation path possible.

4. What would you say are the top two or three innovative features of the app?

Giveunity makes giving as easy as three taps on your smart phone. Our $GiveTag is a unique feature that simplifies the search for a specific nonprofit organization. Our Explore section allows potential donors to browse nonprofit’s they may not even know existed.

5. Does the app have any paid features? Are there plans for any?

From the donor perspective the app is completely free to download and use. Nonprofits can enroll to be on the app for free. We have based this on a "freemium" business model, where 95% of the features are included and are suitable for most organizations. We do offer paid subscription plans for premium features and benefits such multiple app profiles.

6. Is Giveunity also a nonprofit?

Giveunity Inc. is a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Ohio with an application pending before the Internal Revenue Service for 501(c)(3) status as a public charity. As such, all money generated by Giveunity will be kept in the charitable stream.

7. How many nonprofits are now using the app?

There are currently 30+ nonprofit organizations on the Giveunity app including United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Habitat for Humanity, Redwood, Girls on the Run, Talbert House and 4C for Children.

8. Are there plans to pitch the app to charities outside of the Cincinnati area?

Yes. We do have plans to take this platform to other markets. In keeping with the local focus, we will create a different Giveunity app for each new community (i.e., Giveunity Indianapolis, Giveunity Columbus, Giveunity Louisville).

9. Any plans for new features or an app update?

Giveunity is continually looking at new features for the app to be innovators in the nonprofit space. We have an advisory board that helps us understand the needs of nonprofits and are reviewing plans for many new features. 

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