Try It Out Tuesday: Vita Drink Mix

CINCINNATI - Looking for a healthier alternative to those sugary drinks? One can of soda can have 39 grams of sugar and 140 calories. For Try It Out Tuesday we're putting another option to the test.

The Vita drink creator is a line of liquid drink mixes made by the Ninja company that offer vitamins and nutrients, with less sugar and fewer calories.

The drink mix comes in three flavors: Berry-Pom, Black Cherry and Pink Lemonade. The directions say you can add Vita drink creator to water, soda, or crushed ice. A one ounce serving of the mix contains 50 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C and B6, 25 percent for Vitamins D and B12, and 20 percent for Vitamin A.

One tester said the taste is mild and not unlike other water enhancers such as Crystal Light or Mio. Also, the bottle is too big to carry around, so the Vita drink creator isn't portable like other water enhancers. Another tester said the drink mixes smell like cough syrup and have an artificial taste. But at three grams of sugar and 15 calories per serving, it could be a healthier option for some.

You can buy the Vita drink creator online or you can find it  at Walmart . It costs $23.48 for a four pack . The Vita drink creator is made by Ninja, the same company that makes the Ninja blender that you may have seen on TV. It's part of Ninja's line of nutritional supplements. The Ninja website says "When you don't have time to eat a balanced meal, let Ninja pick up the slack!"

You can go to  for more information about Ninja and the Vita drink mixes.

As always, Try It Out Tuesday is an unscientific test with unscientific results.

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