Try It Out Tuesday: Lint Lizard

CINCINNATI - For Try It Out Tuesday we're putting the Lint Lizard to the test.

Summer means time at the pool. And when you get home, it's time to wash and dry those beach towels. But all that laundry can cake your dryer vent with lint.

The Lint Lizard claims to clean those hard to reach areas of your dryer, preventing a potential fire. Our tester says the hose and attachments are easy to install, even on her oddly shaped vacuum hose.

You feed the Lint Lizard through your dryer's vent and vacuum up the fuzz. The product seemed to work as promised, but our tester's dryer vent hose is much longer than the 43 inches the lint lizard promises to clean. Even after heading outside to clean the exterior vent, there was some areas the Lint Lizard just couldn't reach.

Our tester was impressed with how much lint the Lizard cleaned out of her dryer. The proof is in the vacuum's canister, though there's still no way to know how much is left behind out of sight.

The lint lizard is $11 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Our tester says it may give you peace of mind, even if it doesn't give you a perfectly clean dryer vent.

As always, this is an unscientific test with unscientific results.

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