A Pepsi commercial that aired during the Super Bowl in 2014.
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Super Bowl commercials: Watch them again

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So what were your favorite commercials during the 2014 Super Bowl? Here were some of the favorites, as voiced by some Facebook users.

Miss any of them? You can watch them again below.

Radio Shack: The '80s called, they want their store back.


Mobile users: http://ch7ne.ws/1cCNJsKRa

Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial got a lot of adoration, for obvious, cuddly reasons. It’s already been viewed more than 16 million times on YouTube.

Mobile users: http://ch7ne.ws/MmKqLX

Coca-Cola shows an underdog dreaming about going all the way.


Mobile users click here: http://ch7ne.ws/1blJnWb

Bob Dylan narrates a Chrysler commercial showing the one thing you cannot import -- American pride.


Mobile users, view here: http://ch7ne.ws/1lvWomx

One soldier had an unbelievable homecoming, courtesy of Budweiser.


Mobile users, click here: http://ch7ne.ws/1aUGpKu

What do you do with no contract? Former Bronco Tim Tebow knows, and he demonstrates the variety of things  you can do without a contract in a commercial for T-Mobile, such as bull riding, working as a stuntman and saving puppies.

Mobile users, click here: http://ch7ne.ws/LFB6Ts

What to do with a busload of singing Muppets when their bus breaks down? Get them in a Toyota Highlander with Terry Crews.


Mobile users, click here: http://ch7ne.ws/1erUi1J

It's good to be bad. Jaguar had villains rendezvous.


Mobile users: http://ch7ne.ws/1cCNJsK

GoDaddy, known for its racy, skin-baring Super Bowl ads in years past, had an ad in which a real woman quits her job.


Mobile users: http://ch7ne.ws/1lpF4Qg

The company will also air another ad featuring racecar driver Danica Patrick.

Also getting lots of attention this year is the Greek yogurt showdown.” Chobani and Oikos are both airing ads during the Super Bowl.

Oikos features John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Bob Saget, formerly the men of TV’s “Full House,” in an air hockey standoff.


Mobile users: http://ch7ne.ws/1nvHEmd

Chobani’s ad features a grizzly bear who knows when he wants preservative-free protein:


Mobile users: http://ch7ne.ws/1fqOeGb

Heinz released its Super Bowl on Thursday. It features a variety of folks humming happily and smacking ketchup bottles to get to that very last drop:


Mobile users: http://ch7ne.ws/1lpFt5h

Pepsi traditionally has had some of the most popular commercials in years past. The ad this year explains the “story” of how halftime was invented. It features a song by Bruno Mars, who will perform during halftime of this year’s Super Bowl.


Mobile users: http://ch7ne.ws/1dStT8L

Other ads for which to watch include Bud Light’s spots featuring Arnold Schwartzenegger and Don Cheadle, and Stephen Colbert for Wonderful Pistachios. For more Super Bowl ad fun, check out Youtube’s Ad Blitz, where you can watch, vote and share your favorite 2014 Super Bowl commercials.

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