Will new Amazon phone make you a shopaholic?

Don't Waste Your Money

A lot of people are buzzing about the new Amazon smartphone that will go on sale in July. But some consumer advocates are worried that it could turn you into a shopaholic.

Amazon's new Fire phone is getting attention for it's 3-D screen.

Some say it could be the phone that changes everything, much like apple's first iPhone did in 2007.

Instant Shopping Could be a Hit

But its best feature may be its Firefly app, that lets you point it at anything, and then buy that item instantly from Amazon.

"I think it sounds pretty cool," Jamie Wright said. "I think it's time for that, I think it would be convenient for consumers."

Wright, who is always shopping for her baby girl, would love a phone with an instant purchase feature.

But her friend Jennifer Hammond, having lunch with her downtown, worries people might buy too much.

"Yes, I think that could be a concern with our current consumerist economy," Wright said.

How Firefly Feature Works

Here's how the feature would work:

If Debbie Gronevelt pointed her phone at her friend Sharon's Coach purse, the phone would recognize it, and send her right to an Amazon page where she could order the Coach purse on the spot.

"Absolutely, I'd be tempted to buy it," Gronevelt said.  "I'm already that way!"

Consumer groups are already cautioning shopaholics, who can't curb their spending, that this may not be the best phone for them.

Imagine if you are in a bar after a drink or two, and really like someone's jacket or shoes. Before you know it, you have purchased that item.

It could make shopping (on Amazon, of course) just too easy for some people.

As always don't waste your money.


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