Who has the lowest turkey dinner prices?

Don't Waste Your Money

Thousands of Tri-Staters are buying their Thanksgiving feast. But if you don't want the hassle of cooking, many stores now offer prepared dinners.

Here are the prices of meals for 6 - 8 people.

    Kroger:  basic family dinner is $44, the deluxe is $69.

    Meijer's deluxe turkey dinner is $48.

    Remke thanksgiving meal is $65.

    Boston Market's dinner is $55.    

    Cracker Barrel is also $55.

Note that some of these are fully cooked, some need an additional 2 hours of cooking time on the turkey.  Ask before you buy!

Frozen Turkey Prices

It's getting late to buy frozen, but if you do a quick thaw in water, here are prices:


Kroger has a number of sales right now:
     -Kroger brand frozen turkeys are 99 cents a pound, with your Kroger Plus card.

     -Honeysuckle is $1.19 a pound.

     -Butterball is $1.49 a pound.

Kroger is your best deal if you are buying ONLY the turkey, as there is no minimum purchase requirement.


At Remke Markets, (and former Biggs stores):

     -Honeysuckle is 79 cents a pound with a $50 purchase.
     -Butterball is $1.19 a pound with $50 purchase.

These prices are slightly lower than Kroger, but note the $50 minimum purchase requirement.  Make sure to spend $50 in the store (not including the turkey or alcohol), or you will pay much more for your bird.


Meijer claims in a Press Release that its prices are" the lowest in the Midwest this year," among all major chain stores.

And our check appears to confirm their claim.

Meijer is offering:

     -Meijer brand turkeys between 49 and 64 cents a pound, depending on size, after discount.

Here's how it works: you get a $10 discount on a 15 pound or smaller turkey, or a $17 discount on a 16 pound or larger turkey, if you make a $20 store purchase. 

That brings the price down to as low as 49 cents a pound.
Note that the Meijer deal, though, is for Meijer brand turkey, not Butterball or Honeysuckle.  If you prefer those premium brands, Remke or Kroger may be your better bet.

The Bottom Line

Bottom line:  all local stores are offering good deals right now, but be sure to buy the turkey when you do your regular weekly shopping for the lowest prices.

That way you don't waste your money.


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