Who has the LOWEST Halloween candy prices?

Don't Waste Your Money

We're now in the final days before Halloween, and this is one holiday where there is good news for procrastinators.

Candy prices are actually lower today than they were just a week ago, and they will get even lower on Friday and Saturday, if you can hold out that long.

We have checked with local stores, and have put together a list of some of the best prices on Halloween candy. 

However, stores are changing and lowering prices every day, and a price you find here could change in the next 24 hours.

Right now, you'll find some of the lowest prices at:


Believe it or not, Target has the lowest prices of non-membership big box stores, due to low prices and even extra savings on top of that.

Target has "Fun Size" 11 ounce bags of popular candy from M&M Mars, Hershey's and Nestle for $2.66 a bag.

However, if you spend $40, you get an addition $5 gift card, which makes this a very good deal.


Walmart has Fun Size bags for $2.99 a bag ( a very popular price right now), though it has some of the best deals on off-brand and non-chocolate candy.

For instance, Candy Corn and Skittles are as low as $1.98 for Fun Size bags, which makes Walmart the best bet if you are not a chocolate lover. (Though remember, most kids love chocolate)


Kroger has Fun Size bags of most M&M Mars, Hershey, and Nestle candy for 2 for $6.

That's a good price if you are doing your regular grocery shopping and don't want to make a special trip just to save on candy.


Meijer's Fun Size bags are not among the lowest priced. However, if you want to hand out single chocolate bars, they have some of the best deals you will find.

Meijer has half price single candy bars: regularly 82 cents, just 41 cents if you buy 10. That will make you very popular on your street.


If you are lucky enough to have a Kmart near you, they are selling Fun Size bags for $2.50 apiece. That's even lower than Target right now, though Kmart's supplies and choices tend to me more limited.


Walgreens has some Fun Size bags for as low as $1.75, a super deal if you have a Walgreens Rewards card. However, we hear that some of the most popular chocolate bars are not offered at that low price.

Other candy is Buy One Get One at 5-% off, which is a great deal for multiple bags

Sam's and Costco

The website Lifehacker.com recently compared prices, and said if you are a member, and willing to buy larger bags, Sam's and Costo have the lowest price per piece of candy.

However, Lifehacker says it's not worth paying the $40 annual membership fee just to get a discount on candy.

This deal is truly a members-only deal.

More Candy Deals

Here are some more deals in store, courtesy our Scripps sister station, KNXV-TV:

Target, Oct. 25--31

  • 67.8- to 103-oz. Trick-or-Treat Candy: $18.00 Each, when you buy two with coupon
  • FREE $5 gift card with a Halloween Shop purchase of $30 or more
  • Kids' Costumes: $20 - $35
  • 10% off 20-oz Cheese Puffs, 15.5 oz, Popcorn Tin and Select Novelty Items
  • 20% off Halloween Pajamas & Accessories

Walgreens, Oct. 25-31

  • 3-DAY SALE on Halloween candy: $1.75 (with Walgreens card)
  • Buy 1, get 1 50% off Halloween candy
  • Buy 1, get 1 50% off Novelty Halloween Candy
  • 25% off Hallmark Halloween Accessories
  • 5000 POINTS when you spend $25 or more on participating Halloween Decorations = $5

Walmart, Oct. 24-31

  • Select Disney Princess or Character Costumes: Every Day $15.00 each
  • Pumpkin Pail: Every Day $1.00 each
  • Select Halloween Costumes: Every Day $4.97 each
  • Dog Halloween Costume: Every Day $8.00
  • Halloween Candy Variety Bag: Every Day $14.94 each

Big Lots!, Oct. 24-32

  • $10 off a $50 purchase or $20 off a $100 purchase on the entire store
  • Save Up To $200 Off Our Already Low Prices on Mattresses: $349.99 - $799.99
  • Signature Design by Ashley Storey 2-Piece Sectional: $699.99 (SAVE $100)
  • 25% off all Halloween decorations
  • Assorted Small Kitchen Appliances and Accessories: Only $10 Each


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