Where to get single slice pizza in Cincy

Don't Waste Your Money

If you have ever visited New York City, you know that you can grab a slice of pizza (called a "pie" there) on almost any street corner.

But in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana you typically have to order a whole pizza, then wait 20 minutes.

Pizza Hut Experiment

One of the main reasons people don't eat pizza for lunch in the Tri-State is that it's hard to buy a single slice of pizza, unless you go to Sbarro at the mall.

But Pizza Hut hopes to change that, and will start selling pizza by the slice at some test restaurants. None are here in the Cincinnati area yet, but if it is successful, Pizza Hut will roll out the feature nationwide.

Local Pizza by the Slice

However, several Cincinnati restaurants already offer pizza by the slice, where you can grab a big slice of New York-style pizza, during lunch or snack time.

Among restaurants offering single slices of pizza (in most cases from late morning till evening):

    Lucy Blue in Over-the-Rhine, downtown Cincinnati, Covington, and Mt. Lookout

    Cincy by the Slice in Over-the-Rhine

    Rock-a-fellas in Sharonville

    Flying Pizza in Symmes Township (also Columbus and Dayton, OH)

    Goodfellas in Covington (also Lexington KY)

Apologizes to those we have omitted.  Feel free to post any others serving individual slices all day in the comments section below, so you don't waste your money.

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