Where to get free prescription medicine

With health care costs going up every year -- with or without Obamacare -- many people are looking to lower their costs anyway they can.

In the Cincinnati area, Meijer has recently expanded their list of free generic medicine.

Meijer stores have an impressive list of medication available at no charge at all. Its goal is simply to get you in the store, where you are probably going to buy other things.

Meijer's no cost medicine includes:

      -Generic Lipitor for high cholesterol.

       -Generic Metformin for diabetes.

       -Free generic antibiotics, including Amoxicillan and Penicillin.

Many Prescriptions now $4

Walmart, Target, and Kroger, meantime, have some $4 prescriptions, but medicines that qualify vary from store to store.  

So it is worth comparing what each has.

Free Medicine for Seniors

For other drugs, try the "Partnership for Prescription Assistance."    (On a mobile phone?  Type in www.pparx.org)

The Partnership is a consortium of drug companies that make medicine available to seniors and low income patients who qualify.

You can apply at its website.

However, the group warns you to beware calls that claim to come from the partnership:  Its name has been used by many scammers hunting for social security numbers.

The partnership will never call you unsolicited.

As always,  don't waste your money.

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