What Mom really wants for Mother's Day

Don't Waste Your Money

So you're planning to take Mom out to dinner on Mother's Day, and maybe buy her a little bouquet of flowers?

That may not be what she really wants.

The website NerdWallet.com says most people take mom to dinner and give her a card for Mother's Day.

But the site says that gets "routine" after a few years, and restaurants tend to be very crowded.

Rather, it says many Moms would prefer:

    -Time off from house chores, where Dad or Mom's usual work for a day (or two).

    -A homemade gift from the children.

    -A gift certificate for a massage, pedicure, or, if you can afford it, spa treatment.

Dinner out is nice, but a break from her daily grind, and some pampering on the side, is even nicer.

So be creative this Mother's Day, and as always don't waste your money.


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