Tiny spiders can ruin your barbecue

Don't Waste Your Money

With the start of grilling season upon us, Tri-Staters could fire up their grills to a horrifying surprise: spiders.

That’s right. Spiders are causing problems in many grills that haven’t been used since last year.

Grill repairman Aaron Nelson says he's seeing more older grills with problems staying lit. That's because spiders love the metal tubes -- called venturi tubes -- that carry the gas to the burners.

"This is a huge thing that can affect the performance of the grill,” Nelson said. “Spiders can get inside these venturi tubes and create cobwebs and really affect the flow of the gas, in turn the flame."

This causes your flame to be too low and extends the amount of time it takes to cook burgers and steaks.

If it's too damaged, our partners at the consumer guide Angie’s List say it’s often cheaper to buy a new one.

But Angie’s List founder Angie Hicks says don’t go overboard on the features.

“Before you head out to buy a grill, be sure to assess what you actually need,” she said. “How big is your family? How many are you cooking for? You only want to get the accessories that you will actually use because you'll end up buying some really fancy grill and you won’t use those things and it might lead to larger repair bills down the road."

Finally, if you are having family over for Memorial Day weekend, Hicks says test out the grill earlier in the day to make sure the burners are clean and working well, and you have enough propane.

You don’t want spiders ruining your cookout, so you don’t waste your money.

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