Time Warner pulling channels from analog lineup

Don't Waste Your Money

If you are a Time Warner Cable subscriber in Southwest Ohio, who has the "Basic" or "Standard" tier of service, you are about to lose a few channels, including The Weather Channel.

This also affects people with digital cable, who still have one or two TVs, such as a kitchen TV,  hooked up to the wall cable without a box. 

You will lose these channels on your TVs that do not have a digital box.

What is changing in December

A Time Warner spokesman says that starting Dec. 1, 2013, you will need a digital converter box to watch:

       -The Weather Channel

       -Lifetime Movie Channel



      -The Catholic Channel

       -Various Public Access/Community channels

A change in the weather

The biggest name that will disappear from the analog lineup is The Weather Channel.

Weather watchers will want to know this affects only the NBC-owned The Weather Channel, which is channel 41 for many analog subscribers.

It will not affect WCPO-TV's First Warning Doppler weather channel, which is often Channel 9.2 or Channel 12 on analog systems.

The WCPO channel will continue to be on all basic systems, and is available over-the-air free to anyone with an antenna.

What your options are

The good news is you will still be able to watch the removed channels with a digital "mini" box, which Time Warner will provide for free for the next year.

After 2014, each mini box will cost $1.50 per month.  It's not much, unless you have 3 or 4 TVs hooked to your wall cable, which some families do.

In the next year or two, however, expect more channels to disappear from basic lineups.

Cable systems all over the country are moving their subscribers to digital, which means many customers now need a digital mini box to receive any TV channels at all.

Northern Kentucky Time Warner customers (formerly with Insight), now must use a digital mini box to view any channels, and it appears inevitable that will happen eventually for Ohio customers as well.

As always, don't waste your money.


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