Things to buy, and not buy, in September

Don't Waste Your Money

September is an off month for shopping:  We're done with back to school buying, and many of us are now saving up for the holiday season.

But with the new iPhone 6 coming, and more clearance sales in the days ahead, September can be a great time to shop. In addition, stores (with the exception of the Apple Store) tend to be uncrowded.

The savings website has just released its list of what to buy and not buy during the month of September.

What to Buy Now

Outoor items: DealNews says shop now for anything outdoorsy, especially patio items and grills. Look for patio furniture as much as 60% off in the next few weeks.

iPhones: Starting about September 12th, Apple products are also about to go on markdown.

DealNews says with the expected release of the iPhone 6, look for big discounts on the 5S and 5C once the 6 hits stores.

The list price on the iPhone 5S could drop to $99, with the 5C "free"(with a 2 year contract).

New cars: It's also a great month to buy a 2014 car, with the new 2015's now arriving.

K-cups: Coffee lovers should stock up on Keurig K-cups before their already-announced 9% price hike in early November.

What to Wait On

Big Screen TV's: DealNews does not expect major sales on TV's in September: Those typically start in mid-November, for Black Friday, and continue until Christmas.  TV's are also marked down in mid-January for the Super Bowl.

Kitchen appliances: These were marked down for Labor Day, and markdowns tend to be thin for the rest of September.

Black Friday will bring the next round of super appliance markdowns.

But you may find individual appliance sales, so it still pays to check around if you need a fridge or dishwasher.

That way you don't waste your money.


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