Syria sends Cincinnati gas prices higher

Don't Waste Your Money

We've been expecting it for days:  the impact of tensions over Syria on Cincinnati-area gas prices. Now, the other shoe has finally dropped.

Speedway, Shell, and BP began raising the price of regular gas to $3.69 at many area stations Wednesday afternoon.

This follows surging oil prices, which briefly shot past $110 a barrel on Wednesday, a 2-year high.

Some Stations Still Low

Gas had been as cheap as $3.25 a gallon in parts of Butler County, including Fairfield, Hamilton, and Monroe.  As of Wednesday evening, some stations were still that low, but it's doubtful they will remain there much longer.

The surge in oil prices wipes out the expected drop in pump prices that analysts had been predicting just a few weeks ago. Normally, prices fall at the end of August, as summer driving season ends.

Now, some analysts say oil could soar as high as $150 a barrel if the US attacks Syria over its use of chemical weapons.

That could put gas prices over $4 a gallon.

As always, don't waste your money.

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