Sale alert websites save time and money

Don't Waste Your Money

Holiday shopping can really be a lot of work. There are so many one day sales, instant sales, 20 percent off coupons, and other deals.

But how can you find them without spending hours on your computer?

Too many sales to follow

So many stores, so many sales. Just on one early December day, I found a sale for 20 percent off everything at the Gap's website, and 30 percent off at Banana Republic.

With either one, snooze and you miss it. So how can you keep track?    

Simple:  With a website or app that alerts you to sales at your favorite stores.

One is Savvy   You tell it your favorite stores, and it sends you an alert when a sale starts.

A newer one is Drop Down : Install it on your browser, and you'll get a drop down box on any retail website you visit.

The box lists the latest  sales and coupon codes.  For instance, if you go to, a box will pop up listing all of Target's current online deals.

There's no smartphone app yet.

Looking for an alert app you can download onto your phone?  Sale' s app will alert you to sales near you every day, using your phone's GPS to show sales within 20 or 30 miles.

Doesn't that stink?

But, from the "doesn't that stink?" file, all the stores that  want you to "like" them on Facebook to get deal alerts.
Liking two or three stores is fine, but when you like a dozen or more, your Facebook feed can turn into an endless list of stuff you don't want or need.

That's why deal alert sites can be a better option.

So try out some deal apps on your smartphone, or on your computer if you don't yet have a smartphone.

And that way you don't waste your money.


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