Restaurants where kids eat free

As the kids leave the playground for the classroom this fall, many families will return to our routines of dining out.

But that bill can quickly add up. Taking a family to a family restaurant can cost $50 or more these days.

"When you go to the more upscale and try to get healthier food, it definitely gets expensive," mother of 3 Beth Jerio said.

Fellow Mom Amy Thompson said "we don't eat out often, and when we do we try for places that are either free for the little ones or less expensive."

And that's a great solution: Places where kids under 12 don't have to pay, as long as mom or dad pays for their meal.

Lots of Free Options

Savings blogger Megan Fenno of is a young mom herself.

"Certain restaurants, depending on the day will offer kids eat free promotions," Fenno said. "You're going find most of them on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday."
Fenno says while most freebie deals are early in the week,
"there are some places that offer free kids meals during the weekend. For instance, Steak 'n Shake has free kids meals Saturday and Sundays."

Among the best deals, Fenno says:

    --Chili's, kids eat free on Tuesdays at most locations.

    --Lone Star Steakhouse also has free kid meals Tuesday at many restaurants.

    --Applebee's lets kids ear free on Wednesday at many restaurants.

     --Ihop has free kids meals after 4pm every day of the week. And yes, they serve more than just pancakes.

    --Steak 'n Shakes offer free kids meals on weekends, most locations.
Cincinnati Restaurants

Many local restaurants also often deals.  Among the biggest:

    --Hofbrauhaus in Newport, KY, lets kids eat free Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

    --Larosa's has 99 cent spaghetti dinners Monday and Tuesday at their sit down restaurants. Not free, but close.

    --Gold Star Chili offers free kid meals with an adult meal every day.

    --Skyline Chili let kids eat free on Wednesdays at many of its locations, but not all.

A couple of cautions:  Some restaurants say kids under 3 can eat free, but most parents find that silly, because 2 year olds typically don't eat adult food.

And two, its always good to call ahead, because not all franchises offer these deals.

That way you don't waste your money.

For Megan's full list of Cincinnati restaurants where kids eat free, go to her blog on


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