PC users receive strange Microsoft call

Don't Waste Your Money

No one likes computer problems.

So if Microsoft calls or sends you an email, saying they've have detected a problem with your PC, what should you do? The obvious answer -- "fix it!" -- is wrong.

SIr, We Have Found a Problem

Many computer users have  received a strange call lately from someone claiming to be from Microsoft.

They say they your installed version of Windows has a serious problem.

Tina Wolff runs a computer repair shop called My Geek Station. Several of her clients have received the call. "They are calling about Windows errors," she said. "Everybody has Windows errors. So immediately you are listening."

Tina says the caller claims Microsoft routinely scans PC's through home internet connections for problems. It sounds convincing.
"Over the last couple of weeks I've had 4 to 5 customers tell me they've received this phone call," she said. "One man said he actually let them into his computer and gave them his credit card information."

Only after the so-called "repair session" do you learn the price.

She said "he spent an hour on the phone and at the end of the hour they told him they were going to charge him $300."

But Microsoft does not scan home computers. The company says it's a foreign scam to sell worthless anti virus programs, and collect credit card numbers.

What to Do

If you receive a call like this  hang up.

Tina's advice: Never allow anyone who calls you access to your computer or credit card.

So be careful of any email, pop up, or phone call warning of a problem with your computer. That warning may be the problem.

And that way you don't waste your money.


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