Oh no! Back-to-school sales already starting

Don't Waste Your Money

You've heard of Christmas in July sales. How about Back-to-School sales in...June?

Say it ain't so. The kids are barely out of school, but stores are already putting out the crayons and backpacks for next school year.

Staples Launches Major Sale

Staples, the office superstore, isn't wasting any time this year.

We walked through a  Staples store and found school displays already set up, with crayons, notebooks, and rows of backpacks on the wall all ready for eager shoppers.

Staples will officially begin its back to school sales this Sunday, June 29.

And to get you in the mood, it is about to roll out a 110 percent price match, in an effort to get you out of the pool and into the store.

Starting that date, it will match any advertised price in other stores on school items, including prices on Amazon, which is a very risky move for any retailer to make.

The 110 percent match means it will knock an extra 10 percent off for your efforts.

Why so Early?

While kids might be furious with the idea of back-to-school shopping in June, you have to realize that June is a very slow month for office supply stores: Families are thinking vacation, not work.

So it really makes sense they are setting up for the next money-making season.

After all, they are already selling Christmas decorations at Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby.

And if you catch an early sale you don't waste your money.


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