Local Walgreens now locking up shampoo

Don't Waste Your Money

First it was jugs of Tide detergent, now it's shampoo and deodorant that's under lock and key and some Cincinnati-area Walgreens stores.

Some 9 on your side viewers shopping at the Walgreens on Monmouth Street in Newport, KY are finding bottles of shampoo from Olay and some other brands, locked behind a plastic cover.

Some expensive facial lotions are also locked up.
Deodorant bottles, meantime, now have a sticker saying "sell only at Walgreens."

Why the lockdown? After all, it is not the same thing as Sudafed, used to make illegal drugs.
A Walgreens corporate spokesperson tell us they do this at stores "with a higher incidence of loss."  He would not talk about specific theft rates.

But it is not just Newport.

Calls to Walgreens in Covington, Hyde Park, and Norwood confirmed that those stores also have some shampoo and facial lotion locked up, especially the more expensive Olay products.

As always, don't waste your money.

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