Is Liquid Tide shrinking and going up in price?

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To avoid price hikes, almost every major product in grocery stores is getting smaller these days.

       -Kraft's Shake n Bake recently downsized from 11 ounces to 9 ounces.

       -Nabisco Triscuit crackers are down from 9.5 ounces to just 9 ounces in recent months.

       -Charmin toilet tissue late in 2013  made its rolls 3/8 of an inch skinnier, leading to Facebook outrage.

But the website claims P&G's Liquid Tide may be both shrinking and raising prices at the same time.

What's Changing With Tide

Mouseprint shows a photo of the old Tide with Febreze --100 ounces -- versus the new Tide with Febreze--which is now 92 ounces.

That's not new: P&G announced the change to its "premium" versions of Liquid Tide at the beginning of the year.

But this is new: Mouseprint looked at the fine print and found while the old 100 ounce jug gave you 60 loads, the new 92 ounce jug gives just 48 loads.

It claims while the new jug is 8% smaller, you actually get 20% fewer washes for your money. So Mouseprint wonders whether the new Tide is not just in a smaller jug, but has also been diluted, so that you need to use more.

Company Responds

P&G responded by saying "we have upgraded the formulas, which has impacted dosing." It says it had made changes to only "premium" versions, such as Tide with Febreze and TIde with Downy.

And the company says it is not changing the the formula or size of Regular Tide, just premium versions such as Tide with Febreze. 

In addition, it is offering a new, cheaper version of Tide (in white jugs instead of red) for budget minded shoppers.

Read the full statement from Procter & Gamble to below.

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Full Statement from P&G Regarding new premium Tide:

  • Tide Plus Febreze Freshness offers more freshness for each washload via new dual perfume microcapsules which allow for an even better scent experience than the former version of Tide with Febreze;
  • Tide Plus Bleach Alternative (compare to previous formula Tide Vivid White) provides more whiteness than before;
  • Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport also offers more deep down freshness by fighting lingering odors better than before.
  • Additionally, the Tide Plus Collection brings to market  a new formula, our best stain-fighter yet—Tide Ultra Stain Release- which helps remove 99% of everyday stains.

This line-up offers  significant innovation in detergent technology and provides consumers with more of what they have told us they love about Tide.  Dosing guidance accommodates the new formulations.

This new line is improved vs. the formulas in market previously.  We expect people will find they really love their laundry results with these new offerings.


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