Reports: New iPhone due out Sept. 12, new iPad later

Don't Waste Your Money

As millions of consumers prepare for the highly anticipated release of the new iPad (which may or may not be called the iPad Mini) and new iPhone (which may or may not be called the iPhone 5), the latest word is that the two products will not be released simultaneously.

Two highly respected Apple watches, and , report that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled first, at Apple's scheduled conference on Sept. 12.

They say the new, smaller iPad will be unveiled at a later date, so as not to overshadow the next iPhone.

Analysts say this will give Apple twice the bang for the buck, as it will get heavy media attention on two days this fall, not just one day. Also, stores will not be mobbed with customers trying to buy both items at once.

The anticipation over the two new gadgets is the main reason Apple stock has soared past $600 a share in recent weeks.

Apple, as usual, is not commenting on any of this.

As always, don't waste your money.


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