How to get a deal on the new Apple (AAPL) iPad Air and iPad Mini

Don't Waste Your Money

The new iPad Air and iPad Mini will hit store shelves at the beginning of November.

The bad news for bargain hunters: Apple is not lowering prices. But the good news: You can still nab a great deal on an iPad if you know where to look, or have one to trade in.

Prices Remain the Same

When Apple unveiled its new ultra light weight iPad Air this week, it announced the price would remain at $499 for the base model.

Apple made it clear that its not following Google and other tablet makers into the bargain bin with low priced tablets.

The new iPad Mini -- like the old one -- will also remain a premium tablet, at $399.

Markdowns on current models

But the new iPads mean significant discounts on the older models.

Apple is cutting the price on last years iPad 4 with Retina display to $399, with refurbished models for $339.

Refurbished prices fluctuate, however, and could be higher or lower when you check. However, they come will a full Apple warranty.

The original Mini is now down to $299, with refurbished models for $249.

Great time to trade-in

If you want to upgrade an older iPad, you are in luck.
       -Walmart will offer you as much as $300 for a current model, which you can then apply to the new iPad Air. and are also offering generous trade in programs.    

       -The Apple Store may be the most convenient place to trade in an older iPad, and walk out with a new one. But CNN/Money says you wont get the best price on your trade there.

Black Friday Deals on New iPads

Also be on the lookout for Black Friday deals on the new iPad Air.  While stores are not allowed to mark down the price, they often offer $25 - $50 gift cards with the purchase of an iPad.

Whatever you decide to do, don't waste your money.


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