How new Smart TV's can spy on you

The hottest new TV's are Smart TV's, that allow you to stream YouTube and Netflix without adding an external box.

But a new admission from one TV maker may give you second thoughts, because it turns out they can spy on you.

Smart TV's all the rage

Smart TV's are expected to take over living rooms in the next 5 years, because of their ease of accessing the internet and streaming web video. Sales are soaring, especially in models 50 inches and up.

But how do you feel about your TV watching what you watch, and keeping notes?

LG recently admitted that its Smart TV's collect data on shows and movies you watch, so that it can send personalized ads to you. 

It says it does not hold onto the shows you watch, however.

It's only logical

But think about it:  this is only logical, given that we are accessing the internet, using our TV instead of our laptop or desktop PC.

We've become accustomed to our computers having a record of websites we visit, and subjects we search. Everyone knows that if you search for inappropriate or X rated content on your computer, the computer will have a record of it.
Most people are fine with that, and fine with appliance ads popping up if you have been searching for appliances.

But on your TV?  Some people are saying "doesn't that stink?"

We like to think what we watch on TV in the privacy of our home is private. But this is really no different than your home computer, or even smartphone. Google and Yahoo know what you search for, and websites you visit.

Bottom line: Nothing you look at online is really secret. And nothing about a Smart TV keeping tabs of what you stream should be a surprise.

Don't like it? Stick with a standard TV.

Good to know, so you don't waste your money.


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